Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happiest Baby

Did you know that I was a Happiest Baby Educator?  I have been teaching this way of calming your 
baby(ies) for many years now and wish I knew about the technique when I had my children.

It is by far one of the best ways I know of calming your baby from day one and in 99% of cases I have been successful in helping babies sleep for longer periods of time during the day and night.

By far the number one question I am asked by new parent's is, "When is my baby going to sleep through the night?"  I think that once you realize newborns are NOT supposed to sleep through the night initially, you will be less anxious and be able to focus on taking those baby steps towards getting you and your baby into a good sleeping pattern.  It may be a few weeks before you will see a solid 8 hours but it will come - I promise!

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